Every so often my boyfriend asks me “Why are you the way you are?”  That question normally comes up after I say or do something that would baffle most people…most importantly him.

Even though he says it to tease me…I thought it would be a nice start to my first blog.  So why am I the way I am?

To shed light on this subject…let’s look back at the last couple of years.  I’ve gone through a couple of leadership programs and in those programs I took the Myers-Briggs and Emergenetics Personality Type Test.  According to my Myers-Briggs, I’m a INFP (Introvert, iNtuition, Feeling, Perceiving). From http://www.personalitypage.com/INFP_car.html this is what it says about me and my careerpath.

INFPs generally have the following traits:

Strong value systems
Warmly interested in people
Service-oriented, usually putting the needs of others above their own
Loyal and devoted to people and causes
Growth-oriented; always want to be growing in a positive direction
Creative and inspirational
Flexible and laid-back, unless a ruling principle is violated
Sensitive and complex
Dislike dealing with details and routine work
Original and individualistic – “out of the mainstream”
Excellent written communication skills
Prefer to work alone, and may have problems working on teams
Value deep and authentic relationships
Want to be seen and appreciated for who they are
The INFP is a special, sensitive individual who needs a career which is more than a job. The INFP needs to feel that everything they do in their lives is in accordance with their strongly-felt value systems, and is moving them and/or others in a positive, growth-oriented direction. They are driven to do something meaningful and purposeful with their lives. The INFP will be happiest in careers which allow them to live their daily lives in accordance with their values, and which work towards the greater good of humanity. It’s worth mentioning that nearly all of the truly great writers in the world have been INFPs.

The following list of professions is built on our impressions of careers which would be especially suitable for an INFP. It is meant to be a starting place, rather than an exhaustive list. There are no guarantees that any or all of the careers listed here would be appropriate for you, or that your best career match is among those listed.

Possible Career Paths for the INFP:

Counselors / Social Workers
Teachers / Professors
Clergy / Religious Workers

Interesting findings, especially in the career column.  I am a social worker who writes. Go figure after I nearly repeated the 1st grade because my english profiency was behind other 1st graders. 

Anyway, I think the most interesting part of my Myers-Briggs assessment is the fact that I’m an introvert.  When it was announced in my leadership class what my profile came to be, the whole class  balked at the idea that I’m an introvert.  My job and my interest involve being social with people.  Networking…being a “connector” or “maven” (thank you “Tipping Point”) are things pe0ple who know me best would say about me.  How can the Communications and Marketing Manager be an Introvert? Nonetheless, that’s what I am…I think what shed a little more light on why I am the way that I am comes from my Emergenetics profile.  I’m a Red, Green.  To find out more about Emergenetics, go to www.emergenetics.com.

Anyway, my profile came out to be a mostly Red/Green Profile.  For the most part, my profile indicates that I’m a social/structured being.  When I actually find my profile, I’ll write more about it.  Regardless, the personality assessments I’ve taken have given me great insight on who I am and where I’m heading in life.

So in summary, “why am I the way I am?” and my answer is, “I am who I am.”  A lover of life, spontaneous and at times chaotic.  Loyal and committed to those who mean the most to me…my family, my boyfriend and my best friends.  I’m a workaholic because I love my work.  I love helping those in need and spreading the word about people and organizations who do good work.  I’m dedicated to community development, making it better on all aspects.  Empowering people to do the best they can in life, so that they can be productive citizen and contribute back to our community.

I also enjoy the simple things in life, like a walk in the park, reading a book at a coffeehouse, watchin reality tv.  I’m also a bit geeky, but that adds to my well-rounded nature. I’m very random too. I love happy hours.  I have a hard time watching movies at home, and a hard time justifying watching a movie in a theatre (have you seen the cost to watch a movie lately). I’m addicted to NCIS, Food Network anything on BRAVO especially the Real Houswives (all of them), Millionaire Matchmaker, Top Chef, My Life on the D List, etc. I love all types of music…dance, hip hop, classical…you name it.  I’ll admit it…I’ve played World of Warcraft and made it to a level 73.  I also admit…I lost interest in it.  I love to cook.  I love the WWE.  I love shoes.  I love to hike and mountain bike.  I’m clumsy and trip a lot. I can go on and on…and I believe if I’m bored one day I will.

Anyway, this is a little insight to who I am…if you want to learn more.  Holla! Follow me on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/iaagustin

I promise my next blogs will be a little more profound.  Until next time…