Of all the interests and hobbies I have in my life, avid bowler was one I never thought I would have to report.  But I can shout to the mountain tops:  I LOVE BOWLING! 

I’m not your typical bowler.  I have a pink bowling bag, cute blue shoes and a pretty ball.  I’m not an awesome bowler.  I don’t hit 200s.  Actually my average is around 125.  But that’s a lot better than what I was bowling about a year ago.  I was lucky if I hit 70.  My highest game ever was a 180.  I have my good days and bad days, but I know that everytime I bowl I keep getting better.

I love bowling because its a challenge for me.  My goal is to get strikes.  If I don’t get a strike, then how can I pick up the spare.  And it goes on like that for nine more frames.  Everytime I bowl I figure out, how can I bowl better.  From my form to how I release the ball and where I stand are all things that I take into consideration if I want to get a strike or pick up a spare.  I know I don’t want any “opens” because that will hugely affect my score.  And my boyfriend is very proud that I’m learning the lingo, like “brooklyn,” “pocket,” “turkey,”  and “ham bone” (That’s for you babe!)

Every Sunday morning, between 11:00 a.m.  and 1:00 p.m., my boyfriend and I go bowling.  It’s nice because the lanes are not too crowded and they have an awesome discounted rate.  If you begin bowling during that time range, all your games are $1.69.  We typically bowl five to six games every Sunday and with that discount rate, we pay about $22 for the both of us.  If we were to bowl at any other time, games run about $4.25 a game and that can be very costly. 

My boss laughs at the fact that I bowl and love it.  When she was younger and living in Waco, Texas, her family would drag her to the bowling alley for league.  They would drink beer and hang out with what she called “red necks” and “hicks.”  To tell you the truth, I don’t drink beer when I bowl.  My game goes down hill quickly when alcohol is in my system.  I do a lot better when I have a diet coke. Caffeine gets me in the groove.  Anywho, a lot of my friends here in Arizona think it’s funny that I bowl, but I don’t care I’m going to keep doing it.

This September my boyfriend and I are joining a couples league and we are so excited to start.  Also last week, we were approached by some employees of U-Haul and they asked us to join their league (actually they asked my boyfriend, but they said I could join to). 

Anyway, I’m leaving to go bowl here shortly, but I’ll leave you with the links to Brunswick and AMF.  If you are looking for something to do to challenge yourself or to just to have fun with your family, consider bowling.

AMF  http://www.amf.com

Brunswick  http://www.brunswickbowling.com