Who knew My Challenge would be such a CHALLENGE?  There’s a lot that goes into blogging.  I found this to be more self-evident when I attended the Social Media for Business Event.  I had no idea the impact blogging would have on marketing and communications. 

I began My Challenge with the idea that it would help me to form a habit of writing a blog, along with helping me to practice my creative writing skills.  My aptitude in writing is not strong, but I believe you can always improve and get better with practice.  Thus began my journey to write a blog once a day everyday for 30 days. 

I thought when I began My Challenge that I would write about anything I wanted to and I certainly did that.  I wrote about what I liked such as bowling and the WWE to things I feel passionately about like helping others through my career in social work and community development.  This will be my 15th blog.  My most read blog was my post on my decision to go into social work entitled My Social Work Journey: Part I.  I’m gearing up to write the second part.  I think by the end of My Challenge I’ll have five parts.  Hopefully, people will read those as well.  Now that takes care of four of the 15 remaining blogs I have left. 

I’m not sure what else I will write about in the next 15 days.  To everyone’s amazement, I’ve been able to hold true to my commitment.  There are days I would whine about writing a blog or sit in front of the computer staring at it for half an hour trying to figure out what I wanted to write about.  But without fail, I’ve been able to come with something.  My blogs at times are not the most informational or professional.  I’m sure you’ve seen all of my grammatical and spelling errors and I’ll try and do a better job of editing.  Regardless, what I hope you come away with is learning a little more about me.  I’m a person who likes the simple things in life.  I hope in reading my blogs you are at least entertained by my plights, situations and interests. So for the next 15 days, enjoy and please comment.  I welcome any suggestions or words of support that you may have.