Last night my boyfriend, his roommate and I took the Lightrail to Downtown Phoenix.  We wanted to check out the night scene at Hanny’s.  We enjoyed our evening of eating pizza, dessert and having a few drinks before heading back to Tempe.

Everything was awesome until our ride back on the Lightrail.  We were all pretty tired and ready to hit the sack.  At the 3rd Street and Jefferson stop a group of drunk, rowdy people hopped on.  There were about  13 of them.  They were all yelling and being totally obnoxious.  The couple sitting across from us decided to get up and go towards the front of the train.  We, being extremely tired and lazy, decided to stay put. 

At one point, they decided to take pictures of them hanging upside down from the handrail.  Their feet hitting the window as they tried to hoist themselves up and scrapping it has they got down.  I’m really surprised the handrail didn’t break for there were three of them all on it at one time.  Here’s the picture.

In the middle of the ride, the conductor told us that there was an accident ahead and we had to wait until we got the all clear. I thought, “Oh great, more time with these losers.” 

 A few minutes later the conductor asked on the loudspeaker for the people in back to be keep quiet.  Their response to him was to yell back.  Then they proceeded to insult other passengers on the train by calling them names.   

I was becoming increasingly more irritated with them.  I know my boyfriend and his roommate were really annoyed.  If you were in our situation what would you do?

The Lightrail’s extended hours are operating on a trial basis.  I’m concerned about safety issues on the trains as they operate late at night.  I know that is an added costs, but what would happen if an incident happened on a train while it was moving? 

I’m also concerned that a few obnoxious riders could ruin it for us all. As a citizen, is there anything we should have done?   I would have loved to confront them, but I know that it could have been an unsafe situation for me and my friends considering they were drunk and rowdy.  I’m a huge proponent for the Lightrail and I would hate it if extended hours were taken away due to a few stupid people.  What would you have done?