I’m mesmerized when I watch home design reality shows.  I love to watch HGTV and shows like Design Star, Divine Design or Design on a Dime.   I am amazed at the things decorators can do.  They make it look so easy, but to me, easy it is not.

I think the decorator gene skipped me.  Both my mom and sister can take an empty room and make it look like the room was made up by a professional designer.  My sister was able to turn my parent’s basement room into a cute little studio apartment.  She even worked with the small space to create an adorable nursery for my niece.  Take a look at what she did.


Nursery 1

My niece's room

Nursery 2

My mom is a bit like Martha Stewart.  She can probably make something totally cool from straws, string and duck tape.  My mom is also a great bargain shopper decorator.  She can find clearance deals at home decor stores, put them together and somehow it all works.  Here are a few pictures of the potted faux plants she arranged. 

Floral Arrangement 1

Floral Arrangement 1

Floral Arrangement 2

Floral Arrangement 2

The pictures don’t do it justice, but time and time again I’ve had people ask me where I got them.  I would also go to stores and similar items would be listed $150 and up.  If my mom ever wanted to get out of nursing, she definitely would have a great second career. 

As for me, I have no such luck in interior design.  When I moved down to Maricopa, I decided to tackle decorating the bathroom.  I thought it was a great small project to start off with.  I discovered Ikea and after looking at the display room, I thought anyone could do it.  Boy was I wrong.  Let me have the pictures speak for itself.

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 1

Home 006

Bathroom 2

Yeah.  I can only imagine what you are thinking.  When my mom saw it she asked me, “What did you do to that room?”  I tried to explain that I thought the room needed some color and that I liked the color red.  The room is so red that when the sun sets and shines through the small window above the tub, it makes the room glow red.  I guess that’s not the right way to decorate.    I’m sure it’s a decorator’s nightmare.

Obviously, I have a lot to learn about home decorating.  I will continue to watch HGTV to gather tips, but I think at this point I’m a lost cause.