For me to say that I’m sad that My Challenge is coming to an end would TOTALLY be a LIE! 

This was probably the hardest thing I’ve voluntarily committed to in the past six months.  I would say it’s the hardest thing I’ve voluntarily committed to in my life, but I almost forgot doing the P.F. Chang’s Half Marathon.  Honestly, what was I thinking when I committed to that one as well.  But what’s life if you don’t challenge yourself, right??

My Challenge was definitely a CHALLENGE.  When I first started, I thought this would be easy.  Yes, the first week wasn’t too bad, but then as I was following the stats that WordPress so graciously provided I started to become obsessed.  What are topics people will read about? 

As I started to put pressure on myself to come up with interesting or thought provoking posts, I found it difficult to write my blogs.  Well, that mindset only last a few days.  Because…I DO WHAT I WANT!

My committment at that time rested on the idea that I finish My Challenge.  So I went back to writing what I felt like that day.  What I found through writing on a variety of topics is that there were certain things people like to read or comment on.  I found those topics to be the most fulfilling and ones I know I can write more about in the future.

So in Day 1 of My Challenge I committed to this…

I’m excited to see what I come up with and can look back upon after the 30 days.  I also hope that with this challenge, I make blogging a habit.

I’m excited at the fact that I finished My Challenge.  Did I make it a habit?  We will have to see.  My Challenge has provided me with insight on topics I can focus on writing about in the future.  Maybe I can write about the Day in the Life of a Thirty-something Non-Married, Non-Cohabitating Social Worker Turned Fundraiser Who Loves the WWE, Bowling and Can’t Decorate…0r maybe not 😛

Anyway…despite the challenges, I had fun at doing My Challenge.  But it will not end there.  I will continue to blog, but I will blog on a more focused topic.  I’m taking a mini-vacation from blogging to gather my thoughts.  If you guys have any insights to what I should blog about in the future I want to hear those as well.  Please leave a comment.

Thank you to my boyfriend for letting me write about our relationship and for reading my blog (especially when I demanded he read it).  Thank you to Tony Arranaga and J Seth Anderson for doing My Challenge with me.  I appreciate your support.  Check out their blogs as well and And last by not least, thank you to those who read my blog and commented.  I enjoyed reading your feedback.

There’s more to come.  SO STAY TUNED…