I decided I’m a glutton for punishment and I’m taking on the 30 Day Blogging Challenge again.

The concept is easy.  Blog once a day, everyday for 30 days.

The tasks itself…NOT SO EASY, but I’m up for the challenge.

When I initially started The Challenge last year, my hope was to begin blogging on a regular basis.  Sadly, real life intervened and blogging took a back seat to work, love and everything in between.  I’m not a quitter and I’m going to take a second stab at it.  In the first challenge, I wrote about everything from the WWE to interior decorating.  I’m going to focus my blogs on community and nonprofit work. Now I am not going to make any promises that I can keep  my posts strictly to community and nonprofit.  I might have to slip in a few about the Real Housewives of New York, dating or something mind numbing that only I find interesting.  But that’s the risk you take coming into my world. Muahahaha!!

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge for me will start March 22nd.  I’ll be back from Vegas and ready to get back to work.  I also don’t want to do The Challenge alone and I say  “the more the merrier.” Last year, Seth Anderson (http://www.jsetheranderson.com) and Tony Arranaga (http://lightrailblogger.com) took the challenge with me.  I know Tony is up for the challenge and I think I can talk Seth into it as well 😉 Ryan Glass has thrown down his gauntlet and is also up for The Challenge.  You can find him at http://originalname.wordpress.com/ So join the bandwagon and let’s get blogging.