I am so tired that it’s even hard for me to type, but I have to get my blog in for the day.  Maybe this weekend, I will get some sleep and feel rested enough to catch-up and write blogs that I can put more thought into.  So here’s another freebie for everyone.  This is a random night of nothingness.  I am going to post the My Top Ten List of Randomness.  These are in no particular order. And I apologize in advance for what I will produce in my slap-happy sleep-deprived state.

10.  Celebrities who cheat on their spouse or significant other making news headlines–Why are cheating celebs news-worthy? I don’t see why celebrities even get married.  They are just going cheat anyway and at this point, it should just be a given that they cheat.

9.  Celebrities who go to rehab after they cheat on their spouse or significant other–Honestly, there’s no therapy/cure for being a dumbass.  And just because you go to rehab, doesn’t mean I’m not going to think any less of you. Well, I really don’t care.  Save your money and just stay out of the limelight. Your spouse is going to take everything you own in the divorce settlement.

8.  Bald People–When I was younger, every Sunday (out of boredom) I would sit in church counting all the bald people.  I went to St. Gerard Magella in Kirkwood, MO and I would count, on average, 25 bald men sitting in front of me.

7.  Farts–Farting is pretty damn funny.  I always have to laugh.  I don’t get disgusted unless the fart is so bad it clears the room, but other than that farts are pretty freakin’ hilarious when someone else does it.

6.  Mullets–Party in the front, business in the back…that’s all I have to say about that. (I’m a poet and didn’t even know…HAHAHA!)

5.  Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker–She tells it like it is to multi-millionaires who are unlucky in love.  She’s blunt, yet funny and always cracks me up.

4. Ann Coulter–Crazy ass bia bia and I don’t understand why political news channels ask her to serve as a commentator.  Even though I think she’s an idiot, she makes me not only giggle, but laugh out loud at her stupid comments.

3.  Hamsters–They are so cute.  I had about ten of them after I graduated college.  Binky was one of my hamsters who jumped out of his cage and made it into the wall of the apartment I lived in when I was 22.  My landlord lived next door.  I heard scratching in the walls and the next day I had a notice on my door saying the exterminator was coming around.  Needless to say, I never heard scratching on the walls again. RIP Binky.

2. iCarly–I know I’m old, but I don’t mind watching iCarly on Nickelodeon.  What can I say?  It’s entertaining.

1.  Crime Shows–I am fessing up.  I have an addiction to crime shows like Law and Order and CSI.  I can watch hours of the Law and Order marathons on TNT and USA.  These shows have warped my mind.  Every time I see a garbage bag on the side of a highway, I think to myself “there’s probably a body in there.”

Yes, it’s very random, but please don’t hold any of this against me.  I’m tired!  And I’m going to bed.  Please come back tomorrow, I promise I will have a much better post.