Is it just me or do we live in a society where people think things are owed to them?  Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people grumble about not doing certain job duties because a) they are not paid enough to do that duty; b) didn’t get a college education to do that kind of work; c) no one told me to do that; or d) that’s not in my job description.  

Honestly, I’m really tired of hearing excuses.  Yes, if someone is blatantly taking advantage of you or constantly giving you work outside of your job description, then that’s something to be upset about.  But I hear these excuses from people who are not doing their job well or at all.  That irks me to no end, especially since I strive to do my best no matter what I do. 

Most people consider me a workaholic.  And I’ll admit that I work a lot, but I do it because I care about the effort I put into my work and producing results.  I’ve worked in nonprofit for over 10 years and there isn’t a job that I haven’t done.  When you work in nonprofit you have to learn how to be a “jack of all trades” rather quickly.  When resources are tight, you do what you need to do to get the job done.  It’s not beneath me to answer phones or make coffee.  I have a Masters Degree, but I never used that as an excuse not to do certain job duties.  And I hate it when someone says “Well, no one told me to do that job.”  So if you saw a fire in the lobby and no one told you to put it out, would you let it burn?  For real!! Think ahead and be more proactive.

In this current economy and with people getting laid off left and right, there shouldn’t be any duty that’s beneath you.  This is especially true when there are so many out of work.  There are people looking for work that can do your job and possibly do your job even better than you at a lower salary.  Options are high for employers and they can be choosy.  Unfortunately, more so than ever, budget cuts may force employeers to make hard decisions leaving even the most qualified people unemployed.  Despite how hard I work, I know these are unfortunate realities. So I strive to do well and get results.  If I were to lose my job, I hope my hard work will help me to be a cut above the rest and to find employment quickly.   Hopefully, unemployment isn’t in my future anytime soon.

Also a reality are the many people that have bad attitudes towards their jobs.  But think about this, your unhappiness is a cancer and it spreads.   If you slack at your job others are going to see it and slack at there jobs too.  If you resent your job, people sense that also and it can develop into a very difficult work enviroment.  It doesn’t do you or the place you work  any good to be ineffective and inefficient.  So to those people who use the a, b, c and d excuses above, check yourself!  Shape up or ship out before someone else forces you to set sail.